I'm Ste a Wedding Photographer in Durham. What can I say... I have the best job in the world. I get to enjoy the happiest days of peoples lives. I see the smiles, the tears, the connection between two people and capture the memories of that day for you to keep forever.

Photography for me, started out as a hobby and to be honest got a little out of control. Since getting my hands on my first camera... I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much I decided to make a career out of it and with the help of the people around me I've grown to where I am now, and photographed weddings all over the world. My photography is very much inspired by the music and films I like, both have really helped me to find and develop my style.


For all i'm a photographer, I hate being on the other side of the lens, so I understand how it can sometimes be a little daunting. So, to help you feel a little more at ease here's a few things about me...


• I'm engaged to Faith... We're getting married this year. I thought being in the trade, I'd have this organising a wedding stuff sorted. I don't at all, I'm actually more picky because of it, and don't get me started on budgets!!!

• I was once called pedantic as an insult... I just don't see this as an insult. It's my being concerned by minor details that makes me a good wedding photographer. I notice smaller details that might go overlooked by someone else.

• I love travelling and seeing different places, every trip can add so many memories. Although, I always come away with loads of pictures of where I've been and none of me in them (told you I don't like my photo taken).

• One of my favourite films is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013), its just visually perfect. The cinematography, colours, composition and pace all tell a story on their own. If you've not seen it, give it a whirl.

• I love my festivals and gigs. I go to Download Festival almost every year, the atmosphere is amazing and get to spend a weekend camping in a field with friends, making coffee in an empty Dark Fruits can. What could be better? It's like infused coffee... really, it's not bad.

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